The Company

The Company was founded in 1960 by Alberto Fermani, an entrepreneur inspired by the passion for the manufacturing of handmade shoes, bringing the centuries-old tradition unique in the world back to life: the Italian artisan shop. The Firm is located in Petriolo, a small town belonging to the province of Macerata, in the Marches.
In addition, AF celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.
Alberto Fermani’s flair and dedication turned the firm from a little artisan workshop into a big-sized shoe brand company, whose products are sold all over the world.

Over the years, Alberto Fermani has developed a unique mix of style and comfort, combining the Italian shoe manufacturing tradition together with technical innovation.
Alberto Fermani boasts a high ranking thanks to its presence in over 20 countries worldwide, and in the best stores offering fashion products and the best authentic Made in Italy.

In 2013 the company Alberto Fermani was acquired by the Italian Holding Moda, a company headed by the entrepreneur from the Marches, Cleto Sagripanti, whose main aim is the promotion of the most representative Italian fashion brands, in terms of quality and flair.


Alberto Fermani is the distillate of the Italian craftsmanship. The brand was born in the Marche region -the core of the most renowned footwear district worldwide, from the passion to handcraft beautiful shoes.
Creativity, high quality raw materials, deep knowledge of the best artisanship techniques, style and fashion contents, make AF one of the most representative brands of the best Made in Italy worldwide. AF is a highly popular brand in fashion and shopping streets in all major global metropolis.

Research, innovation, quality

Through the selection of raw materials, together with the research of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of both raw materials and products, Alberto Fermani translates into a modern twist a century-old, unique and unparalleled tradition.
Alberto Fermani creations are the symbol of the most appreciated and renowned Italian lifestyle in the world. Ballerina shoes and boots, from ultra flat heel up to the highest and thinnest one, keep that urban style hint suitable for each look, enhancing the values of Italian beauty and flair.
Craftsmanship and internationality. Urban style and glamour. Even Hollywood Stars choose Alberto Fermani. Nowadays, you can easily meet them in their leisure time or while shopping and buying AF shoes in stores around the world.